The activity of our company is mainly based on agricultural production and sale of extra virgin olive oil, that we get from the milling of the olives produced by our trees, which are some centuries old and which allow us to produce every year an oil of excellent quality.

Among our olive trees, both the most recent plantings and the most productive ones, there are several qualities of very common trees on lake Garda, three of which give their names to our apartments.


it’s a southern vigorous plant with thick foliage, the fruiting branches are long and pendulous, overlooking the plant. It is appreciated as a pollinator quality. It has a high yield of 19-22% and produces delicate and perfumed oil.


it’s the native variety of lake Garda; with its wide crown it has a late production which is high and constant. The very high yield of 22-24% gives a light oil, which is fragrant and yellow, with orange hues.


it’s the most popular on the Italian territory because it resists to the adversities and has a high adaptive capacity. The productivity is constant and the average yield of 18-20% gives an oil characterized by a golden yellow color with green hues and by an excellent quality, with a fresh and slightly fruity flavor.